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Case Results

Case Results

Corporate Formation & Startup

Our firm has advised countless of companies to select, form and establish their business identity, thereby protecting the interests of its shareholders and allowing for the smooth operation of business through sound legal advice and planning.

Commercial Litigation – Collection Lawsuit Settled for Pennies on the Dollar

Our client was facing hundreds of thousands of dollars for unpaid business transactions and purchases. After aggressive litigation, discussions and negotiations where had with the third party’s attorney which yielded a positive settlement result wherein the client paid only pennies on the dollar of which was owed.

Shareholder Litigation/Trademark Litigation – Settled

The Law Office of Peter Berlin was able to help a defendant client who was facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit resolve the matter with no money out of pocket and secured for the client a percentage of potential future profits from the Plaintiff.

Business Litigation – Certain Counts Against Client Dropped

Mr. Berlin was able to secure the dismissal of certain counts filed by a third party against client’s facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Mr. Berlin was able to successful file motions which challenged the other party’s facts and contentions, ultimately leading to the dismissal of the counts.

Shareholder Buyouts & Transactions

Our firm represented shareholders of small and medium size companies seeking to sell their interest to other shareholders. We successfully prepared, drafted and negotiated the terms of such transaction, ensuring our client’s fair compensation and release of future liability.

Trademark Filings

We successfully filed trademark applications on behalf of our client which were ultimately approved by the United States Patent & Trademark Office and which secured valuable rights and protections to our clients name and brand.

White Collar Crime – Reduced/No Jail Time

Our firm significantly reduced the charges, as well as fines and civil penalties for certain clients charged with healthcare and insurance fraud allegations, and/or embezzlement. Many clients’ matters were either dismissed, they avoided jail time, or otherwise had their criminal charges severely reduced.

Catastrophic Injury – Bus vs. Pedestrian – Seven Figure Settlement

When our client was struck and critically injured by  bus, our firm vigorously litigated the matter and secured a seven figure settlement for our client which permitted for the client’s future care and ongoing pain and suffering.