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Commercial Litigation

Los Angeles Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Aggressive, successful, experienced, unique trial litigators comprise the Commercial Litigation Practice at the Law Office of Peter Berlin. Although or aggressive approach speaks for itself, often the most appropriate solution to a client’s problem is to not rush into court. Sometimes, perhaps due to the sensitive or technical nature of the issues or the likely consequences of public litigation, we may advise pursuing alternative methods.

The issues we handle are quite diverse, both in terms of the clients we counsel and the matters that we take on. We feel that the best planning yields the best results and we approach each case with a well-thought out and reasoned line of attack. Our comprehensive techniques apply to all stages of a matter. Whether a lawsuit is routine in nature or characterized by extreme complexity we apply the same high degree of focus and commitment to every case.

Surprisingly, to some clients who have had unhappy litigation experiences with other law firms, we will even counsel against litigation if we feel that it cannot be conducted in a cost effective manner or if the chance of success is so limited as to not be feasible. We strive to give our clients the best advice consistent with their long-term interests.

By working closely with our clients and putting them first, we are able to effectively resolve their matters. We have handled both typical and complex commercial disputes in the following areas:

• Partnership and shareholder relations
• Shareholder disputes
• Employment agreements
• Confidentiality non-compete agreement
• Commercial collection and contract matters
• Fraud and negligent misrepresentation
• Business separations
• Injunctions

• Trademark and intellectual property matters
• Unfair Trade Practices Act
• Letters of credit
• Software licensing agreements
• Valuation litigation
• Defamation, libel and slander
• Business torts.

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