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Contract Disputes & Litigation

Los Angeles Contract Lawyers

Business disputes often involve allegations of breach of contract. Contracts are the basis of a business agreement that encourages confidence when entering into a business relationship with another party.

At the Law Office of Peter Berlin, we have over 18 years of drafting, negotiating and litigating contracts. We are keenly aware of how important clarity is regarding what each party wants, and when certain products or services are to be rendered. All too often, however, oral contracts or inadequately drafted contracts result in disputes involving different interpretation or even dishonest claims of varying interpretation.

What is a Breach of Contract?
Outright refusal or failure to perform on a contract is less common than disputed claims of minor or material breach. How a contract should be interpreted is partly a matter of case law or precedent – what courts have done in prior similar circumstances. Sometimes, contracts are held by courts to be invalid. Reasons for this result include failure to satisfy the basic requirements of a contract or, occasionally, fundamental unfairness. We can advise you on the contract in question, and represent you in seeking resolution of the dispute.

What Can You Do?
Remedies ordered by a court in a business lawsuit include:
• Compensatory Damages
• Liquidated Damages
• Rescission
• Specific Performance

Large Firm Background, Small-Firm Advantages
Although we have a background at large law firms, by leaving behind the big-firm model, we focus on providing quality services without billing clients for the costs of training brand-new lawyers or maintaining a large organization.

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