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Trademark & Copyright

Los Angeles Trademark & Copyright Attorney

Our Intellectual Property experience help clients procure, protect, and defend their intellectual property against unauthorized use to the fullest extent of the law. The Law Office of Peter Berlin is committed to maximizing and protecting our clients’ rights by prosecuting trademark and copyright applications, negotiating licensing agreements, or pursuing litigation.

With rapid advances in technology and the increased use of the Internet, comes the need to protect, secure and, police intellectual property rights, the currency in the digital marketplace.

From artists to businesses, musicians to public figures, Intellectual Property rights create and protect brand identity and trade, safeguard new products and concepts, and provide a source of income whether it is derived from an original work of art, maintaining publishing rights, or profiting from use of name and likeness, all of which, if not properly protected could potentially mean a significant loss in income, profit, or identity.

Our Specific Practice Areas Include:
• Intellectual Property Licensing and Litigation
• Trademark, Trade Dress, and Service Mark Protection, Prosecution, and Counseling
• Trade Secret Protection and Counseling
• Copyrights – Protection, Prosecution, and Counseling
• Software License Agreements
• Internet and Multimedia License Agreements
• Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreements
• Branding and Identity Strategies

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