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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

At the Law Office of Peter Berlin our unique business and corporate practice is focused to meet our clients’ complex legal requirements, within the context of their business objectives, and in a cost-efficient and effective manner. We provide a full range of legal services relevant to our clients’ growth and success. We have extensive experience representing clients in diverse fields, such as entertainment and media, finance, distribution and retail, manufacturing, communication and information technology, Internet and Internet related business and professional services.

The numerous issues we deal with may be as simple as choosing the right type of business entity or, on the other hand, it may be a situation so vital and complicated that the survival of the business depends on a successful outcome. Moreover, frequently businesses or individual face defending and/or instituting a lawsuit against another party or business.

Litigating a dispute is never an easy decision to make. No matter what side of the matter you are on, it is imperative to weigh the costs and benefits of all possible outcomes of a trial. The decision to litigate requires a thorough analysis and careful assessment of many factors often overlooked by many attorneys who fail to take the time to truly understand a client’s ultimate goal. For example, it is important to consider the length of the litigation process and how that may divert your attention from more important matters such as revenue production and profits, the effect litigation may have on other business relationships, how the public may perceive your position, and most importantly the probability of succeeding or losing on the merits of the matter.

Business and Commercial litigation requires not just an in-depth knowledge of State and Federal law and procedure, but more importantly it requires an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of our clients industry or business.

Our business and corporate practice includes areas such as corporate structuring and financing; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures and strategic alliances; venture and corporate fund formation; corporate governance; and director and officer compliance. We also provide general counseling and strategic planning with a particular focus on the growth of our clients’ business and meeting their objectives.

If litigation is required, we believe in working closely with our clients to understand the issues most important to them and to ensure that their objectives, through the litigation process, are being met. This practice enables us to develop a litigation strategy that will be most effective and tailored to each client’s needs.

To learn more about what our firm can do for you and your organization achieve your legal goals, we encourage you to call your Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys at 818-986-0968 or contact us online today.