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Amazon Seller Suspensions

Amazon Seller Suspensions

We provide a full range of legal services relevant to our clients’ growth and success, including Amazon seller account appeals, suspensions, and reinstatement.  We will assist in preparing your Amazon Appeal; We will reinstate your Amazon Seller’s Privileges, and we handle Amazon ASIN Suspensions; Amazon Multiple Seller Account Violations; Amazon Copyright & Trademark Suspensions; Hacked Seller and Authenticity Complaint Suspensions from Amazon.

Our attention to detail, knowledge and experience provides for responsive client contact and communication. We will discuss the various types of suspensions, violations needed to promptly handle the dreaded Amazon violation email. Promptly evaluating the type of violation and preparing a plan of action (POA) is key. So, it is important to contact us to discuss your needs and specific situation.

We believe in working closely with our clients to understand the issues most important to them and to ensure that their objectives are being met. By leaving behind the big law firm model, we focus on providing quality services and communication, without the client feeling like they are a small fish in a large pond. This practice enables us to develop a strategy that will be most effective and tailored to each client’s needs for their Amazon Sellers account.

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