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Internet & Ecommerce

Los Angeles Internet & eCommerce Lawyer

The Internet has created an entirely new legal dynamic as well as a new social and business one. From advertising to intellectual property to privacy and e-commerce, the online environment has generated novel legal issues and challenges.

Each and every business that sells a product or service on the Internet must take a proactive approach to operate within establish legal guidelines in the world of electronic commerce. An experienced Internet attorney is of paramount importance to any Internet-based business. The firm provides expert counsel to its web-based business clients and will assist you to understand the risks and take advantage of the steadily increasing number of state and federal regulations governing consumer oriented retail and business-to-business electronic commerce.

Internet website agreements, consumer privacy and data security, and Internet marketing are all issues that warrant detailed consideration and should be discussed with an experienced eCommerce lawyer. In addition, we offer the experience to assist your business to maximize profits by evaluating numerous factors, including monetizing your website, design of your homepage, navigation features, product information, and whether your website is configured in such a way to prompt a consumer to make an immediate purchase without further navigation. There is no substitute for experience and creative thinking.

Our Firm can assist with the following:

• Business and partnering agreements
• Click-through and Web-wrap agreements
• User agreements and terms of service
• Website development agreements
• Software licenses
• Privacy policies and related disclosures
• Advertising placement and insertion orders
• Co-marketing and distribution arrangements
• Web hosting agreements
• Content licenses
• Application service provider agreements.

Our firm has real-world experience, and can guide you and your company through the often confusing yet important world of the online business community and related regulations.

The online business environment often lends itself to other pitfalls and issues which you and your company should address. From privacy laws, to issues related to Intellectual Property rights such as Trademark and Copyright, the Law office of Peter Berlin can provide you the legal counsel necessary to provide confidence and insight into the online legal issues of the day.

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