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INTERNET & ECOMMERCE – What to Look out for

Every business that sells a product or service on the Internet must take a proactive approach to operate within established legal guidelines in the world of electronic commerce.

There are an array of factors, agreements, and issues to consider when selling online. Substantive concerns include Internet website agreements, consumer privacy and data security, and Internet marketing. These all warrant detailed consideration and should be discussed with counsel.

Some other common issues and agreements that arise include:

-Business and partnering agreements

-Click-through and Web-wrap agreements

-User agreements and terms of service

-Website development agreements

-Software licenses

-Privacy policies and related disclosures

-Advertising placement and insertion orders

-Co-marketing and distribution arrangements

-Web hosting agreements

-Content licenses

Many companies initially disregard thinking of these just to “get up and running.” In today‚Äôs digital world and economy, these matters must be addressed from both the legal and security standpoints. From privacy laws to Intellectual Property rights, staying on top of these issues is paramount for any successful ecommerce business. When ignored, they often lead to significant pitfalls.

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