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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Yet Another Hazard on the Golf Course

Hazards to a golfer’s health and safety that come most readily to mind involve swinging clubs and golf balls in flight, usually on unintended flight paths. But the sport also has other dangers lurking, including the garden variety slip and fall. When James, a golfer, sued a golf resort recently over such a mishap, his…
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“Freeze” your Credit To Help Prevent Identity Theft

By now, most people are familiar with the threat of identity theft and the uses to which the thieves might put your stolen identity. This includes usingyour personal information to charge goods and services on a new bogus credit card. There are the usual preventive measures you can take, such as keeping personal information close…
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Natural Gas Exploration Not Allowed in Suburbs

An oil and gas company was enthusiastic enough about the prospects for finding and bringing up natural gas on a particular piece of property that in addition to securing a lease from the property owner for exploration and drilling, it agreed to pay him a signingbonus of nearly $100,000. As you read this, you are…
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Tomato: Fruit or Veggie?

The very identity of the tomato is and has for a long time been a point of contention. On the one hand, botanical purists point out that the tomato should be considered a fruit, given that it is the fruit of a vine. On the other hand, as part of our diets, the tomato “…
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Essential Documents to Organize

If, like so many, you are prone to disorder in the keeping of important documents, assuming that you keep them at all, you may be well past due for a makeover of your estate plan and your end-of-life instructions. It is not just a matter of maintaining tidiness for its own sake: a lot of money…
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