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Monthly Archives: September 2022

What are you Buying? Stock Purchase v. Asset Purchase Agreements

Clients frequently get confused about the difference between a stock and an asset purchase agreement. It is important to consult with an experienced corporate attorney who can explain the difference between the two and who can advise the best fit for your company’s needs. Let’s look at the distinctions. There is a significant difference between…
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Deposition testimony is given under oath and used to obtain facts and information in the “discovery” stage of a litigation dispute. Depositions are routine in the civil and business litigation context. Depositions can be of the parties to the lawsuit, third-party witnesses, or experts rendering an opinion on the case. Although informal and usually held…
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Copyrights & Trademarks

With rapid advances in technology comes the need to protect, secure and police intellectual property rights, the currency in the digital marketplace. From artists to businesses, musicians to public figures, intellectual property rights create and protect brand identity and trade, safeguard new products and concepts and provide a source of income. Whether these works are…
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Shareholder Disputes

A dispute between the Company and a shareholder can cause significant tension and unrest. These types of disputes can take many forms related to company management, operations and dealings among shareholders and the company. These disputes include: • Shareholder actions against executive management; • Breach of fiduciary duty; • Minority shareholder rights; • Executive compensation…
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